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We're so excited to be offering our new candle range!

Made from locally sourced beeswax, our beeswax candles are tiny but mighty. They come with a range of benefits that other candles cannot offer:

  • they help neutralise odours by emiting negative ions cleaning the air of odours and bacteria
  • beeswax is completely natural including our cotton wicks
  • they do not drip (unless there is a draft or wick is too long)
  • fragrance free - though we'll be adding some essential oil blends in due course
  • hypoallergenic - free from any artificial fragrances
  • they last longer than other types of waxes and burn brighter
  • our beeswax is sourced from local NZ bee keepers

Though we all love pretty candles, there can be imperfections with using such a natural product. This won't deter from the candle's integrity and is simply aesthetics. It's how you know your product is natural and we welcome that 'rustic' feel to our candles.

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