What to do with wax left overs?

Due to the nature of our candle shapes, they won't always burn to the edges so we recommend:

  • 'Hugging' your candle
    In between burns, gentle 'fold' in the corners closer to the wick to ensure it burns more of the candle. Our circle candles have the most wastage. When your candle has finished burning, you can simply remelt the wax in an heat proof jar (double boiler method) and re-wick to create a new candle.

  • Re-using wax
    When your candle has finished burning, you can either melt down your wax into melts for an oil burner or re-use in a candle. Simply melt down in an old heat-proof jar using the double-boiler method. Once melted, stick a wick to a new heat-proof jar or old candle jar and pour wax into it. Let it set before relighting.