Why Coconut Wax?

There are all sorts of candles on the market and I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I’ve usually been satisfied with a cheap and nasty candle - as long as it smells good…

But along with my research into coconut wax comes education - and it doesn’t take long to discover that not all candles are created equal! Generally speaking, if your candle doesn’t list what it’s made of - that should be a red flag. Heaps of candles on the market today are either made with Paraffin or Soy.

Everyone will have their own opinions about those waxes, but being that we wanted to be as eco friendly as possible, we have chosen to only use 100% coconut wax for our candles for these reasons:

  • Coconut wax is 100% organic and natural.
  • It’s a sustainable and renewable crop.
  • You won’t get any frosting or bloom on your jars or black soot.
  • It gives off an amazing scent hot and cold.
  • Burns longer and slower than soy wax.
  • It’s eco and vegan friendly.

Coconut wax is a softer wax. But that is also what gives it a low melt point and a longer burn. It burns ‘translucent’ so looks more like melted butter when starting to melt - this is completely normal! It can be uneven on the top surface but this does not affect the integrity of the candle in any way - and we believe that is what identifies it as being pure organic coconut wax.