Bubble Cylinder Candle Mould
Bubble Cylinder Candle Mould
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Bubble Cylinder Candle Mould

Master and Jack
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Made with high quality silicone
Candle size approx. H9cm x D7cm
Candle weight approx. 260g


We stock on-trend candle moulds for creating your own candles or starting a small business. Create and sell your own beautiful candles with our range of moulds made from high quality materials and have all be tested by us in our candle range.

Silicone Range

Our silicone range is very user friendly for unmoulding. We've carefully selected our supplier when it comes to these moulds as they are not created equal.

You will find for our tall and short ribbed pillars that you need bulldog clips (I don't recommend rubber bands as it will mis-shape the mould while setting) which we have packs available to order here. You need to clip the seal from bottom to top without leaving any gaps unclipped, this will cause wax leakages.

To thread your wick you need to poke a hole through the middle of the top and thread your wick. We have wicking tools to easily thread and poke through but you can also use a kebab stick to create the hole and a needle and thread for your wick. Be careful not to make your hole too large as that can also cause leakage.

Plastic Range

Our plastic moulds are made with high quality plastic that is able to withstand hot and cold wax easily. They are sturdy and are able to stand up by themselves without props.

You may find you need to seal the wick hole with putty. Our recommendation is a sealing putty which we stock here, or a plumbers putty from Bunnings. You can use also try blue tak.

To Clean

Soak moulds in warm soapy water overnight and store upside down to avoid getting dust inside your mould. 


Images ©Master&Jack.