About Us (Me!)

Master & Jack started as a hobby which has grown into business that has started supporting itself. When I started making candles, I didn't want to create 'just another candle' that would lose itself in the saturation of the candle market. I've chosen my asthetic to be different, to be moody and strong and to stand out from the rest. Our candles are highly fragranced and we know they smell amazing - because our customers keep telling us they do! Our main point of difference though, was in choosing to use coconut wax. It's still relatively new to the industry but we love everything about it and we know you will too! In 2021 we started a new range of sculptured decor candles and the feedback has been amazing. Every single candle that leaves our doors is made by hand and every design element has been created by me, Jaci - a Jack of all trades and Master of none. I love creating candles and hearing your feedback. We've grown from markets, to online sales and now we've introduced wholesaling. If you have any questions or you possibly want to stock us, flick us an email on our 'Contact Us' page or: masterandjacknz@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jaci :)